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This morning we found this comment on our YouTube channel under the preview video for our Guide to Prostate Massage:

"can't you tear the anus wall with your nails going in and out like that? looks kinda dangerous in a way"

This kind of fear is precisely the reason we made these guides. Anal stimulation (for both men and women) never has to be painful or dangerous. It can be 100% pleasurable, 100% of the time.

Our response:

"If the butt is relaxed after lots of external touch (which is demonstrated in the guide) then the in and out strokes are not dangerous. Of course, nicely trimmed nails and plenty of lube will help keep everything smooth and pleasurable. The tissues of the anus and rectum are actually quite flexible - but can be damaged if the area is not completely relaxed. Prostate play NEVER should be painful, it can be 100% pleasurable!"

Many people avoid anal stimulation out of fear of pain or injury. Usually this is becuase they have either watched porn that depicts anal sex as a fast, hard and deep penetration with no warm-up or they have tried anal sex before and found it painful.

Without proper warm-up and relaxation, anal stimulation can be uncomfortable, painful or even dangerous. But with lots of relaxing warm-up and arousing external touch, internal stimulation can be highly pleasurable. It may even be the most pleasurable sex act for some people, especially when combined with stimulation of the genitals.

Our guides are designed to show you how to enjoy pleasurable, pain-free anal play. Let us know if you have any more questions about how to keep it fun, arousing and 100% pleasurable.


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