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Frequently Asked Questions


I’ve heard a lot of guys talk about prostate orgasms – but why would these orgasms be any different from the orgasms I’m already having?

Prostate orgasms are way more intense than regular orgasms! That’s why guys who have experienced them rave about the experience! A good prostate massage (like you’ll get with all the techniques in this course) arouses every part of the male sexual system. More Arousal + Stronger Contractions = More Powerful Orgasms. If you are only using your penis to have an orgasm, you are only using part of your sexual system. Prostate stimulation activates the rest! It’s like driving a Porsche instead of a sedan! 

Isn’t prostate massage messy? Who wants to deal with that?

Prostate massage can be a totally clean experience. We cover all the techniques you need to prepare for prostate play, including simple strategies for keeping it hygienic and mess-free. We know you want to be able to relax and enjoy the pleasures of prostate massage without worrying about the mess. We’ve got you covered!

Isn’t this for gay guys? I’m straight, why would I like this?

Anal play doesn’t make you gay! Your sexual orientation is about WHO you want to have sex with, not WHAT KIND of sex you want to have! Gay and straight, all men have the same sexual equipment. Your body is designed to enjoy anal stimulation and prostate massage, no matter who is giving it to you! Just like all men can enjoy oral sex or handjobs, all men can enjoy the intense pleasures of prostate stimulation. Don’t let gay guys have all the fun! Straight men are RAVING about prostate sex – don’t you want to find out why?

Will my wife be willing to do this? How do I convince her to give it a try?

Many women LOVE giving prostate massage. It is really hot to give your man so much pleasure, watching him writhe in pleasure under your touch! It may be a new idea at first, but you may be surprised at her willingness to experiment! In the course we give you all the strategies you need to introduce the idea to your partner. Prostate massage doesn’t have to replace any of the sex you are already having and enjoying – it can be a great addition to your sex life!

If your partner doesn’t want to participate as often as you’d like, you can still experience intense prostate orgasms through prostate masturbation. We cover all the techniques and moves you need to enjoy toe-curling solo prostate orgasms!

Does this course take 6 months to complete? I want to get started NOW!

Once you enroll, you’ll get immediate access to the videos, audio guides and handbook so you can start exploring and enjoying prostate stimulation right away. You also get a 6 month membership to the private, members-only Pleasure Mechanics Community. In the community, you can get all your questions answered and share what is working for you.

You own the videos, audios and books for life – so you can come back to them anytime you wish!

What if I don’t get what I am looking for?

We’re are so confident that you’ll love your Prostate Massage Mastery course, that we back it with our Pleasure Guarantee. If for any reason you don’t love it, just email us within 30 days of purchase and we’ll issue a full refund, no questions asked! This is a no risk investment in your sex life! You’ve got nothing to lose and a world of pleasure to gain.

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