Prostate Massage

Prostate massage is a highly pleasurable and intimate activity that you can share with your partner.

Learning the basic techniques will allow you to begin exploring this new pleasure together. This guide offers the basic skills of pleasurable prostate massage, and suggest further resources for learning more about this erotic skill.

Prostate massage is best done in the context of a full-body sensual massage. Share the kinds of touch you and your partner like best. Most men find that prostate massage feels best when highly aroused, so you can learn to incorporate it seamlessly into your lovemaking. While first learning this new intimate skill, however, it is best to devote most of your attention to using your hands to massage the penis, perineum and anus. Learn how to create the ultimate prostate massage experience in our online course, Prostate Massage Mastery.

For comfort and quick hygiene, wear a nitrile or vinyl disposable glove on the hand(s) that will be touching the anus. Using a water-based lubricant, stimulate the outside of the anus, relaxing the sphincters and stimulating the highly concentrated nerve endings. Try circular strokes and smooth glides with one or two fingers. Experiment with speed- slower touch often feels more pleasurable!

Once the anal sphincters begin relaxing, use slow and subtle strokes to begin penetrating- never force your way in. The man receiving the prostate massage can focus on breathing and gently relaxing the pelvic muscles and breathing deeply. This relaxation is one of the most beneficial aspects of prostate massage.

After one or two fingers are gently inserted, you can start locating the prostate for direct prostate stimulation. You’ll learn exactly how to find the prostate and how to stimulate if for maximum pleasure in our online course, Prostate Massage Mastery.

Prostate Massage Toys

Manual stimulation of the prostate is the most direct and often the most pleasurable form of prostate massage. Using toys designed for prostate stimulation, however, can be an effective and pleasurable way to benefit from prostate massage. There are toys designed for both internal and external stimulation. The Aneros is an internal massager that is designed to stimulate the prostate as you clench your pelvic muscles. This can be done in as little as five minutes a day in the shower. You can also wear the Aneros during intercourse or oral sex to add prostate pleasure to the erotic equation!

If you do not feel the prostate gland, it is possible that your fingers do not quite reach your partner’s prostate. If you cannot comfortably massage his prostate manually, or do not want to use your hands, consider using a tool such as the Aneros or Naughty Boy. These tools can be fun for everyone, no matter how large or small your hands are! Once you gain more comfort with your partner, you can enjoy a wide range of prostate massage experiences.

Men and their partners are discovering that prostate massage is a healthy, pleasurable practice that can be learned and shared in the privacy of home.  Exploring prostate massage can create profound trust and intimacy within a loving relationship. Take it slow and communicate with your partner, and enjoy sharing the healthy pleasures of prostate massage.

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