Prostate Toys

Here are some of our favorite prostate toys! Discover how to use prostate toys for prostate masturbation and with a partner in our online course, Prostate Massage Mastery

The Aneros

AnerosThe Aneros is an internal massager that is designed to stimulate the prostate as you clench your pelvic muscles. Many men love using the Aneros in the shower for a few minutes each day, or wear the Aneros while they masturbate. Explore The Aneros at


You can explore using vibrators on the perineum, the base of the penis and the external anal area. Small vibrators work well for focused vibrations in hot spots. Some men love a vibrator on the perineum but not on the penis – experiment and see what sensations feel best in this area. Do not insert a vibrator into the anus unless it is specifically designed for anal play! Explore the Naughty Boy Vibrator at

PurePlugButt Plugs

Butt plugs are small toys, often made of silicone for easy cleaning, that fit inside the rectum. They are designed to create the pleasurable sensation of fullness, and can be inserted and then left in place while you have intercourse, receive handjobs or oral sex. Butt plugs are meant to be left in rather than used in an “in-and-out” motion. Butt plugs come in a wide range of sizes, so start by purchasing a small one and then get larger plugs if you want bigger penetration. Explore our favorite, the Pure Plug, and others at

G-Spot Toys

Sex toys designed for g-spot stimulation can often be used for prostate stimulation. They are often designed with a curve, which hits the prostate when you insert the toy and then angle it down towards the prostate. Just make sure it has a big enough base that it doesn’t get lost inside!  Check out vibrating toys at